Charles Griffin Gibson, CHUCK for short, is prepping the release of his latest collection of songs entitled, Frankenstein Songs For The Grocery Store. A year after releasing his excellent debut, My Band Is A Computer, the DIY musician is calling it quits with no plans to release more music after this upcoming LP.

Penned from the point of view of a New York transplant, CHUCK playfully sings of its colloquialisms on the new album’s initial single, New Yorker. Combining the charm of Daniel Johnston and wry comedy, the track captures that certain swagger or brashness NY-ers carry (“I’m a New Yorker / Get the hell outta my way now and go die).

Irony and self-deprecating humor abound, CHUCK fires off cultural references like Billy Joel, local sports teams, and our unofficial but official meal, pizza. Jankey electronics jump in and out of the easy breezy instrumentation, while flourishes of soothing brass provide an anthesis for the typical NYC chaos.

Frankenstein Songs For The Grocery Store is out on August 18th via Audio Antihero Records.

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