As much as we loved Kite Party, former member Russell Edling’s solo project as Cherry is, well, the cherry on top of that sad sundae. His debut EP, Gloom”, is out now via Lame-O Records. 

The four-track introduction to Cherry is whelmed with simplicity, and covered in complexity. With the intimacy of bedroom lo-fi, and a foundation of pop sensibility, Gloom” delivers in both genius lyricism and musical effortlessness.

Cherry-Promo-620x413Starting strong with ****G****olden Luv****”, Cherry immediately gives us the emotionally apathetic vocals and infectious melody that entices and allures.

The intimate relationship between Edling and his words is especially obvious in Special Baby”, as it cuts through with clarity and vulnerability

Alligators, probably the most contagious of the four, is drenched in heartbreak, truth, and perfection. Edling’s confidence, a change from most love songs, is evident in his words:

I will destroy the life you live, until you fall apart with me…

…you don’t know what you truly need, but darling, I know that it’s me..

…I won’t let you get away, I won’t let you feel ok, until you’re with me…

…I will destroy the life you live, until you’re hollowed out like me…

…I only want you in my hands, I only want you in my heart, its’s all I need”

The concluding track, I’m So Tired”, suggests the complete opposite. Short, but not lazy, Cherry ends the EP on an abrupt note, leaving us wanting more…and being pretty impatient about it.

Cereal Pairing: Frute Brute, because the artificial cherry flavor stops at the cereal.19454fd1wvzrmjpg