Following their killer debut, EP 1,” Charlie Woods and Jake Mac are back with their brand spankin’ new single Plant Trees.’ Earth friendly and catchy as hell, the Manchester by way of Brighton boys have proven to be nothing short of talented.

And you don’t love me,
And you don’t care”

The track almost abruptly starts, as if we’re walking in on it, which, alongside the gnarly guiro playing, immediately hooks us. Their slacker surf-pop vibes will whisk you away to a seaside resort with the sun on your face, wind in your hair, inevitable heartbreak, and ignoring the fact that summer is floating away like the end of the song.

Chappaqua Wrestling are touring the UK in September and October, so make sure to catch them if you can, because the rest of us across the pond just aren’t so lucky…yet.

Cereal Pairing:
Mud & Bugs, because that’s probably what you’ll get when you plant trees.