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Chappaqua Wrestling is the the lovechild of two best friends” Charlie Woods and Jake Mac.“ The Brighton born boys, now Manchester men, are hitting the ground running, or wrestling, with their spectacular debut EP,”EP 1.“ Creating a somewhat familiar sound to something you can’t quite put your finger on, but unlike anything else in your song library, their”sweet-americana’ music with an electronic swooning twist tunes are a great introduction to what’s to come in the future.

False/Blue”, was the first single released off the EP, and the song that put Chappaqua Wrestling heavy on our radar. Their brooding, yet jaunty tones prove to be a strong combination of Wait to Form My Head” and Dying News.” Picking up the pace with its genius pop sensibility,”Only You Could Know” is a twofer of brilliance and bliss that perfectly pieces it all together.

Giving off some serious Cali vibes, these British Beach Boys have truly created an EP held together by natural fluidity and effortless talent that we hope brings them over somewhere even remotely close to Chappaqua.

Charlie & Jake on the release:

EP 1’ is our first release as our new outfit Chappaqua Wrestling. We’ve got a back catalogue of songs from the last 4 years since our last project disbanded, and so we wanted to release a concise package of material showing the new direction we have taken. Following the release of a few singles and demos, we figured it was about time we released a full EP, to assert the official beginning of our new project.

Cereal Pairing Honey Smacks, because we’re diggin’ Chappaqua Wrestling’s sweetness just like the Dig Em Frog!