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I’m actually still reeling from the Car Seat Headrest show I caught back in May, but never mind me, a new CSH release is near. Keeping up with his yearly output of music, mastermind Will Toledo hit the studio with his backing band to re-record a batch of CSH songs for Teens of Style.  The new release will comprise of 10 tracks, nine of those are old re-worked songs, along with a brand new track. From the band’s Facebook page:

Bad News For People Who Don’t Like Car Seat Headrest

I am happy to announce that the next Car Seat Headrest release, Teens of Style, will (most likely) be out on October 30, 2015. It consists of 10 songs taken from the older canon of Car Seat Headrest (and 1 kind of new one), rerecorded earlier this year to create a new, cohesive album. These are songs I always envisioned on a grander scale than I was able to achieve at the time, and I believe that after 5 years of producing albums of my own and of others, I have learned enough to come a bit closer to realizing these songs’ potential.

My Back Is Killing Baby stand out No Passion” is one of the re-recorded tracks and the rework can be heard in a low-key but compelling lyric video. The re-work is an upgrade from the bedroom recording quality (which I liked) with subtle studio effects, and new profound lyrics like: All my desires are so poorly drawn now.”

Teens of Style is expected to be out on October 30th, through Bandcamp, and for the first time in CSH history, physical CDs and vinyl(!!!).

Hear the original version of No Passion” below: