cadet-kelly-throttleCadet Kelly is a Brooklyn-based band with a few notable members. The trio features Stereogum’s assistant editor, Gabriela June Tully Claymore, on vocals with Charly Bliss’ Spencer Fox on guitar and KT Pipal on drums. The project has been around for a few years, but tracks have been coming together recently, including one for a David Blaine’s The Steakhouse benefit compilation earlier in the year.

Throttle You is a fiery sprint, propelled by Fox’s sugary hooks and Claymore’s relatable contests with doubts and anxiety. Using evocative imagery, Claymore divulges on the internal playbook of abandoned efforts in injecting self-confidence. The sub-minute burner is over much too quick, with a tender reprise of the track’s boisterous opening lines (“vulnerability looks really really bad on me / my body’s an anxiety refinery).

Cereal Pairing: Cap’n Crunch’s Sprinkled Donut Crunch