buddy-hollidayBuddy Holliday is the moniker for Melbourne, Australia-based Jahan Kumarashinhe and often collaborates with friends Calum Newton (Candy) and Bryce Wilson.

A song of mixed emotions, 7 A.M. will flood you with conflicting feelings of sentiment and joy, while skateboarding through the outskirts of the city before life dawns on a soon-to-be beautiful summer day. The soul tingling melodies whisked by saccharine note bends will cradle your head with dulcet melodies, while scuttling yet unassuming lead hooks adds a bit more panache.

7 A.M. is just a sorbet of joy and will give you all the feels” you want it to.

Cereal Pairing: Honey Nut Cheerios with shavings of dark chocolate and diced strawberries