Swim Camp, Pretty Bird”
Pair with Froot Loops

Honey Moon, If I Could Only Dream”
Pair with Lucky Charms

Halfsour, Blurred Camera Phone”
Pair with Cracker Jack cereal

Kevin Knight, Work It Out”
Pair with Frosted Flakes

Trunky Juno, Patrick Swayze”
Pair with Magic Puffs

Horse Jumper of Love, Poison”
Pair with Bigg Mixx

Eyesore & the Jinx, Swill”
Pair with Freakies

Grant Pavol, Hair”
Pair with Honey-Comb

Mr. Soden, Singapore”
Pair with whatever cereal they eat in Singapore

Andrew Younker, Unhook the Stars”
Pair with Honey Stars

Dreamer Boy, Falling for the Wrong One”
Pair with Reese’s Puffs Hearts