Winona Forever, Gazing”
Pair with Boo-Berry

WIVES, Workin”
Pair with Life

Saeyers, You”
Pair with Honey Bun cereal

Mush, Litvinenko”
Pair with soggy, mushy Apple Jacks

Junodream, Odd Behaviour”
Pair with Lucky Charms

Cherry Pickles, Nós Somos A Cherry Pickles”
Pair with Cherry Almond Crunch

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Toledo, Some Samurai”
Pair with WWF Superstars cereal

Cape Francis, Nobody”
Pair with Corn Flakes

Vilde, Sardines”
Pair with Deep Sea Crunch

Rebounder, Meet Me At The Bar”
Pair with a beer instead of cereal…it be like that sometimes.

Thumper, In My Room”
Pair with Cocoa Bunnies