High Sunn, “Our Perception”

One of our favorite Bay area beaus just released his killer new album, Our Perception,” via Spirit Goth Records.
Listen to while eating Raisin Bran.

Harlem, “Blonde on Blonde”

Following their last LP release in 2010, Harlem is back with the fourth single release off a highly anticipated new album. They’re playing Baby’s next month, so see you there!
Listen to while eating Rocky Road cereal_._

Newscaster, “Rumors”

These Virginia boys are a group who wanted to make experimental’ music you could dance with your date to or enjoy on a long solitary walk in the city”…which we can, and we will.
Listen to while eating Shredded Wheat in the woods.

Money For Rope, Actually”

Melbourne mates Money For Rope are giving us the Australian sunshine that we are desperately searching for with their sweet, surf-rock tunes. Their upcoming self-produced and released album, Picture Us,” is due this March.
Listen to while eating _Froot Loops_and dreaming about warmer days.

K.H. mirth, Falling Over”

The debut release from Leicester band K.H. mirth is quite the introduction. With members from Thee Ludds and Earth Rod, their futuristic sound takes us back in time. Also, we love their dance moves.
Listen to while eating Freakies.

Plastic Picnic, “Well Wasted”

A favorite among the local scene, Plastic Picnic is starting the year off strong with their latest synth rock dance number. And if you don’t want to dance alone, the single release party will be at Baby’s next month.
Listen to while eating Sprinkle Spangles.

Toledo, “Qué Pasa?”

What’s up with Brooklyn boys Toledo? This fresh new single, that’s what.
Listen to while eating Honey Bun cereal.

Saeyers, “Cruise”


Hoosier dreampop band breaking through from the college town of Bloomington, Indiana” is on a roll with their second single ever!
Listen to while eating Cocoa Pebbles, because that really is Marshall’s favorite cereal.

Grady, “I’m Not Your Man”

The debut single from Grady Wenrich’s (The Lonely Biscuits) solo project has proven that he definitely is the man!
Listen to while eating Corn Biscuits cereal_._