Dreamer Boy, “Falling For The Wrong One”

Dreamer Boy is a Nashville cowboy, lassoing our hearts with his undeniably catchy dream-pop tunes. He’ll be supporting Still Woozy on tour early this year.
Listen to while eating Cowboy Crunchies.

Tino Drima, “You Are My Friend”

Tino Drima is a Bay Area babe who we’re so late to the game on, but can’t wait to hear more music from.
Listen to while eating Froot Loops.

TH da Freak, Peeling the Onion”

TH da Freak is the solo project of Thoineau Palis, who is waving his French freak flag high with the first single off his upcoming album. Freakenstein” is out this March on Howlin Banana Records & Bordeaux Rock.
Listen to while eating French Toast Crunch.

Static Animal, “See You Around”

Static Animal is our Melbourne dream team who’s self-released a new single following their 2016 gem, Morning Sounds.”
Listen to while eating Chocolate Koala Crisp.

Denise T., Love Letters”

Denise T. is a local college kid acing her first semester with second album, i’m really great inside.”
Listen to while eating Corn Flakes…out of the box, without milk, in your dorm room.

Astronaut Husband, “Dream Crash”

Astronaut Husband is Wisconsin singer-songwriter Alec Grefe, whose ethereal tunes are launching us into the cosmos. Echoes” is out January 25th.
Listen to while eating Trader Joe’s Chocolate Clusters (Alec’s actual favorite cereal).

Alfie Templeman, “Yellow Flowers”

Alfie Templeman is a 15 year old Bedfordshire bred schoolboy doing a lot more productive things in his bedroom than we could say - like writing and recording his entire debut EP. Like an Animal” is out now via Chess Club.
Listen to while eating Weetabix after school.

Lokoy, “Can We All Go To Bed”

Lokoy is the 21 year old Sløtface bassist who’s debut solo project takes you on an adventure much like his. Can We All Go To Bed” is out now via Propeller Records.
Listen to while eating Honni Korn Smacks.

Toledo, “Bath”

Toledo is the Boston bred, but Brooklyn based duo Dan and Jordan who have a bunch of shows coming up in da city, so we should all probably hit at least one up.
Listen to while eating Trader Joe’s Crispy Quinoa Stars.

Glossies, “Popular”

Glossies is Erich Tomkinson, FKA Dot Plaza, is starting fresh under new moniker Glossies. Look out for his new album Cactus What You Peach” via Super Fan 99. Listen to while eating Peach Cheerios.

Charley James, “Baby We’re Optimists, Remember?”

Charley James self-wrote, produced, and recorded his EP, Baby We’re Optimists, Remember?” while dealing with falling in love and graduating high school - so we’re pretty optimistic about what’s next.
Listen to while eating Love Crunch organic cereal.