Cooney Thatcher, Take Your Turn”
Pair with Sour Patch Kids cereal

Cooney Thatcher · Cooney Thatcher - Take Your Turn

Melby, Somewhere New”
Pair with Funfetti cereal

Rama Lama Records · Melby - Somewhere New

Tearjerker, Be You”
Pair with Essentially You Vanilla Almond

Tearjerker · Be You

CLAMM, Liar”
Pair with Deep Sea Crunch

Brother, EZ
Pair with E.T. cereal

Meena, God’s Free Make Me”
Pair with Freakies

Whitehall, New Hampshire”
Pair with Wheaties

jjoey, Keep Close”
Pair with Lucky Charms

jjoey · Keep Close

PACKS, Silvertongue”
Pair with Sprinkles Cookie Crisp