Petite League, Greyhound”
Pair with Kellogg’s Vrooms

Smokescreens, Working Title”
Pair with Magic Puffs

Gold Connections, Stick Figures”
Pair with Golden Crisp

Gulfer, Nature Kids”
Pair with Crispy Critters

Castlebeat, Worries”
Pair with King Vitaman

Henrik Appel, I Want To Lie”
Pair with Wishing Stars

PNKSLM · Henrik Appel - I Want To Lie”

JAWNY, Trigger Of Love”
Pair with Love Crunch

JAWNY · Trigger Of Love

The Mary Veils, Carefully Carefree”
Pair with Freee Organic Cereal

PNKSLM · The Mary Veils - Carefully Carefree”

Mommy’s Little Boy, Stuck in a Memory”
Pair with Peanut Butter Toast Crunch

Love Sport, Wrong Kind of Evil”
Pair with Trix