Low Key Crush, Been Waiting”
Pair with Heart to Heart Warm Cinnamon

Low Key Crush · Been Waiting

Eggy, Johnny Whoop”
Pair with Eggo cereal

Pool Sharks, Do You Wash Your Legs In The Shower?”
Pair with Baby Shark cereal

Van Houten, What I Need”
Pair with Crunchy Nut

Mumble Tide, Love Thing”
Pair with Love Crunch

Holy Motors, Trouble”
Pair with Shreddies

Peach Luffe, Golden Parachutes”
Pair with Peach Cheerios

Made It To Friday · Golden Parachutes

Oscar Scheller, Average Joe”
Pair with All-Bran

Oscar Scheller · Average Joe

Exit Kid, Bleary Eyed”
Pair with Freakies