Dig Nitty ,“Lomita”
Pair with Sun Crunchers

Panic Shack, Jiu Jits You”
Pair with Wheaties

Swampmeat Family Band, Mother’s Lies”
Pair with Crispy Critters

The Wha, Blue For You”
Pair with Blueberry Cheerios

Cotillon, Cruiser”
Pair with Race Car Crunch

DoomFolk StarterKit, SleepyGhost”
Pair with Boo-Berry

Merce Lemon, Baby”
Pair with Special K Blueberry with Lemon Clusters

La Mode, Fake News”
Pair with cereal a La Mode?

Katy Kirby, Tap Twice”
Pair with Smacks

tomemitsu, I’ll Be Alright”
Pair with Oks