Beverly Moon, Ocean Eyes”
Pair with Sea Stars

Dream Hermit, There’s a Place Out There”
Pair with Honey Smacks

Freddyboy, Affectionately”
Pair with Whole Hearts

Deeper, Lake Song”
Pair with Cap’n Crunch

Forever Honey, Christian”
Pair with Honey Nut Cheerios

Mint Eastwood, slow coach (of the first order)”
Pair with Girl Scouts Thin Mints cereal

Vundabar, Petty Crime”
Pair with Lucky Charms

Water Trash, Wonderman”
Pair with Wonder cereal…yes, Wonder the bread company…yes, that existed

Daniel Ruiz, A Little Song For You”
Pair with Reese’s Puffs Hearts

Westerman, Think I”ll Stay”
Pair with Life