Daddy’s Beemer, Dancer”
Pair with Rice Krispies

The Gulps, My Girl From Liverpool”
Pair with Chocolate Weetabix

Honey Cutt, Coasting”
Pair with Beach Bash Crunch

The Tubs, I Don’t Know How it Works”
Pair with Jolly Rancher Cereal

Mapache, Life On Fire”
Pair with Weetabix Meteors

Carroll, Face”
Pair with Freakies

Bleach Day, in limbo”
Pair with Boo-Berry

Cherry Parke, Captain Bullseye”
Pair with Cherry Almond Crunch

Frankie Valet, Engulfed”
Pair with Race Car Crunch

Dark Ecstasy, Toner”
Pair with