The Uh Huhs, True True”
Pair with Buc Wheats

Youth Sector, Tonight”
Pair with Trix

Future Generations, Just Pretend”
Pair with Galactic Crunch

Golden Cinema, Peachy Keen”
Pair with Peach Cheerios

Pieket, Good Morning”
Pair with any cereal, because any cereal will make it a good morning

Animal House, Modern Romance”
Pair with Love Crunch

Dilary Huff, Overused Sayings”
Pair with Life

Sir Bobby Jukebox, You Only Dance”
Pair with Urkel-O’s

Dumb Things, Waiting Out”
Pair with Raisin Life

Mateo H, Burst
Pair with Cinnamon Burst Cheerioes

Steve Buscemi’s Dreamy Eyes, Moon”
Pair with Moonstones