Winstons, Limousine”
Pair with Shreddies

Why Sun, Eastern Love”
Pair with Raisin Bran

Poppel, Listen”
Pair with Waffle Crisp

Party Hardly, Rats In The Kitchen”
Pair with Crispy Critters

Mal Blum, See Me”
Pair with Special K, Chocolatey Delight

Campfires, I’ll Go Home”
Pair with Smorz

Arche, My Only”
Pair with French Toast Crunch

Sir Bobby Jukebox, Birthday Cake”
Pair with Birthday Cake Cookie Crisps

Dan Rico, Let’s Go Back”
Pair with Life

Pizzagirl, Body Biology”
Pair with Body Buddies

Surf Curse, Midnight Cowboy”
Pair with Cowboy Crunchies