Beauty Queen, Sold You Out”
Pair with King Vitamin

Party Hardly, The Hopskotch Man”
Pair with Indiana Jones cereal…seems like he’d be good at hopscotch

Genuine Leather, Feel It”
Pair with Crunchy Nut

Daniel Ruiz, Mark and Hannah’s Narcotic Encounter”
Pair with Body Buddies

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Mal Blum, Salt Flats”
Pair with Corn Chex

Opeongo, hopeless”
Pair with Cheerios

L.A. Peach, I Can Remember Where You Are”
Pair with Peach Cheerios

Possible Humans, Aspiring To Be A Bloke”
Pair with Mr. T cereal…fool!

Skells, Foam Top”
Pair with Far Out Fruities

Creature in the Spiral, running”
Pair with Wheaties

[bandcamp width=80% height=120 album=3315527937 size=large bgcol=333333 linkcol=ffffff tracklist=false artwork=small track=38530344]