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Bonsis gentle self-assurance when it comes to melody and atmosphere is a comforting quirk when listening to her music. The 21-year-old has been tenderly building calming and expansive synthetic sonic vistas in her bedroom for sometime now, quietly chipping away at the barriers in her subconscious that hides her true self, resulting in music that is both deft in clarity and mingled with hand on heart honesty.

Her new song Lenses is the most refined version of her honest creative self to date, guiding the listener through dense valleys of brooding emotion and subtle introspection that’s cultivated by pulsing electronics coalesced with delicate digital melodies.

It’s a fine thing hearing Bonsi blossom as she reaches for wherever the light takes her on her ever-shifting path of growth. The aptitude that’s on show in Lenses can’t be understated, and all that’s needed to appreciate the music is to find just a calm, quite five minutes to sit back and take it all in.

Cereal Paring: Frosted Flakes