body-meat-several-handsBody Meat is an experimental trio from Denver, Colorado whose oddity derives from their ventures within the scope of no-wave. Mysterious as their shapeshifting compositions, info on the project is sparse at the moment. For their second collection of songs, Several Heads (through Crass Lips Records) is a slight step into the contemporary, featuring a sense of structure that their adventurous debut, PS1, was devoid of.

BOOTY makes use of a lopsided hook that would even make David Byrne’s ears perk up. The track’s anamorphic syncopation will throw listeners into a disorienting loop, in part by the odd mathematical signature. Hypnotic and sometimes unsettling, BOOTY is a weird listen that makes it all the more magnetic.

Cereal Pairing: 1/4 cup of Honey Combs, 1/4 cup of Fruit Loops, 1/4 cup of Cocoa Puffs and 1/4 cup of Apple Jacks