The dream excavating quintet Blonde Tongues have been quietly putting out spaciously comfy music over the past few years. The Brisbane-based five-piece has been making music since 2013 and has provided a steady stream of demos, singles, and excellent EPs, particularly their brilliant self-titled EP. Safe Like Silk In Polyester Sheets is the band’s first full-length LP and the band is building upon their already ethereal opulence.

She Wanted A War recalls a familiar source for pillowy melancholy that harks to an early iteration of Corgan and The Pumpkins. The combination of chilled progressions and gruff lead vocals whip up a potent mixture of gloom and swoon that’ll send your nostalgia senses into overdrive. Present from the start, the baroque-esque drone that shadowed the track flourishes swells to the foreground for a sublime ending.

Only a few weeks into the year and Safe Like Silk In Polyester Sheets has a spot in my personal favorites of the year list.

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