bleu nuit Le jardin des mémoires album coverbleu nuit Le jardin des mémoires album cover

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Bleu Nuit is a post-punk group based in Montreal, Québec and will be releasing their proper debut record, Le jardin des mémoires on Michel Records. The band’s name translates to Midnight Blue, which may also be taken from an adult late-night television series aired in Quebec (don’t worry it’s a Wikipedia link). The group makes spry post-punk that falls in between two other Canadian treasures, Preoccupations and fellow Quebec-residents, Corridor.

The record’s proper opener Le même discours is flooded with an overwhelming rush of drums, a la Bryan Devendorf (The National). A dark whispery atmosphere shrouds the track as undulating vocals deliver cryptically minimal lyrics (translated to English):

I always wear the same speech
to go crazy
come back when everything is blurry

Menacing guitar lines fade in and out, eventually overtaken by jarring and gnarled electronics as the track slips away. Le jardin des mémoires is out on April 12th via Michel Records in various formats.

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