It’s through no fault of our own that this year has seen most of us stuck inside. As the world feels the icy grip of a health pandemic in full swing and beaches, cinemas, and restaurants lay desolate as we try to avoid any unnecessary human interaction, it’s hard not to look at the first half of 2020 in the rearview mirror and wonder what could have been. The nights out missed, the new friends we haven’t made, and the all important summer that had to be put on hold as we played our part in fighting the virus. It would be an understatement to say that all of us are currently needing a pick-me-up and a mental cleanser to help lift the mood. Enter, Blanketman

New single Beach Body’ is a tribute to the summer of 2020 that went largely unappreciated. As the usual British mob who would of normally found themselves causing mayhem in Magaluf faced the reality of having to make do with a paddling pool and a disposable barbecue in their back garden, Beach Body tries to capture the ruckus of the party that never happened. Driving bass and a stack of shimmering guitar strums set the tone, allowing Adam Hopper to bark in hysterical fashion his fantasy of seeing sun-bleached bodies” pepper the beach of his imagination. Close your eyes tight enough during the song’s rousing chorus and the scenes of summer revelry that we’ve had to miss this year become almost palpable. 

As we look towards 2021 as being the potential year of our liberation from the monotony of local lockdowns, Blanketman have given us a fine slab of escapism for those of us emotionally exhausted. We may not of had the dream holiday we wanted this year, but with Beach Body we can now live out, with a degree of authenticity, what could have been.

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