O Canada, thank you for Billy Moon. The moniker of the sludgey” version of the man behind the music, Moon is not only releasing good music, but spreading the right message.

music doesn’t judge…it’s solace from everything else”

Hailing from Hamilton, Ontario, Moon recently released his latest EP, That Which You Can’t Throw Away.” Off the 5-track gem is Roads,” a tune that perfectly embodies those inevitable moments of feeling left out…and those times when the feeling lasts longer than just a moment. Lethargic instrumentals and emotion filled lyricism create an undeniable sound of diy garage rock, successfully achieving Moon’s music goals.

The music of Billy Moon is meant for the periods of your life when everything sucks except for your favourite record.”

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Watch Billy Moon’s video for Roads” below, which he describes as if Ryan Lochte went to Burning Man but no one wanted to hang out with him.”