big eater lazyMatt Buchanan of Seattle’s Mega Bog is set to release the debut record of his solo project Big Eater. In Between is a slight departure for the Seattle-to-New York transplant, whereas his first batch of songs were mildly scruffy but straightforward bedroom jams.  His debut retains the quaint lo-fi mannerisms but ditches the fuzz for more reverb.  The subtle appeal of the record’s lead single, Lazy Days,” is instantaneous, all in part to the shimmering guitars and the bass guitar’s sandy jazz bits. Buchanan longs for the what could have been in his falsetto until he’s overcome by the crashing instrumentation as the breezy track crests at the midway point. With the frosty weather encroaching, In Between is probably good way to get your sunny fix.

In Between is out on Help Yourself Records 10/30.

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