We can’t really read anything surrounding Beach Youth, pronounce any of their names, or point to Caen on a map - but what we can do, is recognize a good track when we hear one, and Young” is a good track. The French foursome is comprised of Simon Dumottier, Etienne Froidure, Louis-Antonin Lesieur, and Gautier Caignaert. Although only having three singles under their belt, Beach Youth has clearly defined their sound and their direction.


With an indie-pop foundation, and an added layer of surf-rock, these fine Frenchies have successfully blown our mind with a native New York sound, across the ocean. Perfect harmonies, fearless falsettos, jangly guitar work, and an infectious melody makes Young an undeniable hit. The combination of airy vocals and impossible-not-to-dance-to instrumentals creates the perfect anthem for the French riviera, or the Coney Island Boardwalk.

Oui, oui Beach Youth, l’amour de New York (merci Google)!

Cereal Pairing: French Toast Crunch, because, well, duh.