Recently signed PNKSLM lads Beach Skulls  have reintroduced themselves in the best possible way. With their last release back in 2014, this tantalizing trio are back at it with the first single off their upcoming album, Santa Fe.

Starting off with a bass line reminiscent of A Tribe Called Quest’s Can I Kick It, Santa Fe” perfectly highlights their sun-drenched sound and subdued sex appeal. Sleepy vocals and an infectious melody have you waking up with sand in your ass and the sun in your eyes.

beach-skulls-photo-credit-Alec Wallace-press-2The lo-fi fuzziness and effortlessly contagious garage-pop bits of the tracks easily sets Beach Skulls apart from the over-saturated genre.

The gentle power of this sweet song puts you in a California dreamin’ state of mind, dazed and confused…about how you’re not already a Beach Skulls fan.

Santa Fe’s got it all…, Beach Skulls sing, but we’re pretty sure they do.

Slow Grind” is out April 29th via PNKSLM (pre-order available).

Cereal Pairing: Honey Monster Puffs,  because Beach Skulls are scary sweet!