FKA the Southside Coyote Boys, Beach Body is a three-piece from Canada featuring vocalist/guitarist Rory Copithorn, bassist Ian Patterson, and drummer Gaelan Malloy. The trio recorded their debut EP this past summer only after being inspired by jam sessions. Lost in the mundane nuances of the 9-5 working life, writing music serves as an artistic outlet for Copithorn, who wrote all of the songs on Plain Life. The songs were never meant to be heard by others until the recent recording sessions, Copithorn was nudged by his bandmates to record and share them online.

The EPs title track displays a preference for the simplistic life of the country over the inundations of the metropolis grind. Clear of artificial structures, Copithorn tells of a place where we can see for miles, free from towering structures. Jazzy riffs and genial rhythms will perk ears whilst ambling on an autumnal stroll.

Cereal Pairing: Rice Krispies