We’ve been on the Beach Baby wave since we caught them at CMJ, and we’re glad we’re still riding it. The latest release from these Brits, Sleeperhead, does not disappoint, and therefore is no different from all their previous singles.  The quartet’s pop sensible and infectious tunes keep you fully engaged, without even realizing it.

12507104_994839330587440_4474050032905112984_nSynth-poppy in all its glory, Beach Baby’s Sleeperhead” is catchy in its sound, and truthful in its words. Starting strong, and remaining so the whole way through, the track is the perfect ode to the daily dullness, and the inevitable need for that certain saving grace.

I do my work and then I go to bed, I wish I was a sleeperhead…

 …feeling dizzy when i’m not with you”

Over-working and under-sleeping is a feeling we all know too well, but Beach Baby help make that a little better.

Cereal Pairing: Life, because Beach Baby obviously has a good grasp on that.