Aster More is a six-piece band from Philadelphia, PA that could be considered a local supergroup”. Its members have deep roots in Philly’s quickly expanding DIY scene such as Ghost Gum, Spraynard, Nona, Catnaps, and Dreambook. The band formed last year, taking part in First Time’s The Charm, and serving as openers for the Dead Leaf Echo and headlining femme collective’s year-end bill. Their potent and cohesive self-titled debut features five tracks varying from post-rock-esque storms to lulled dream pop.

Dream Sequence, the longest on EP, builds off a muted arpeggio and delicate keys for a quaint opening. Upheaval approaches as bold bass drums and tumultuous guitars roll in with an ascending saxophone, harmoniously stringing the melody together. Haunting vocals, reminiscent to that of Miki Berenyi, cut through the blistering thunder with beautiful harmony.

Cereal Pairing: Honey Bunches of Oats