apartment-5a-jerk-storeVaporwave’s appeal may never go beyond Tumblr and the deep crevices of the Internet, but the cult-genre has manage to infect another cultural phenomenon. Seinwave is the result of the vaporwave aesthetics” mixed together with the zany percussion of Seinfeld. We’ve touched on the subgenre a bit when Your Old Droog sampled SeinWave by Abelard for Basketball & Seinfeld. Apartment 5A is a 17-year old seinwave-ist and probably a master of his/her domain.

Done is the closing track of Apartment 5As EP The Jerk Store, which is a dual-homage to George Costanza’s infamous comeback and Death Grip’s The Money Store. The melting Done is a surreal tropical trip, drowning with relaxed vibes that I would never associate George with.

The Internet is weird and I may never understand vaporwave, but seinwave is weirdly entertaining. Jazz-cup all day y’all, SERENITY NOW.

Cereal Pairing: Any cereal from Jerry’s kitchen