Antiphons is a four-piece from Richmond, Virginia that originally started as a solo project by frontman Brian Dove. Dove started the project sometime in 2011 as a solo endeavor. The band’s debut, Groan was conceived after returning from a year-long residency on a farm in rural Oregon. Being released by their hometown neighbors Citrus City Records and Gigantic Noise, on cassette and wax respectively, Groan is a record that’s all about forging ahead.

Opening with satisfying riffs and maudlin melodies, Rotten Apples is a song that steers to the near future with a desire to confront the past. Amidst the bellowing guitars and conversing rhythms, Dove’s vocals dictate the track’s ebb and flow, and eventual space-y dissolution.

Cereal Pairing: Reese’s Puffs