angelic-milk-teenage-movieangelic milk is the stage name for Sarah Peresphona, who is based in St. Petersburg, Russia. Her music has been known for fusing springy pop with succinct pop. A member of the Saint-Brooklynsburg collective, Peresphona honed her sound with the help of like-minded musicians. Teenage Movie Soundtrack is her proper debut for the Swedish label, PNKSLM, and the first batch of songs since 2014’s PALE.

Peresphona plays the darkest bride” on the opener Tie Me Up. For a track that’s about the darker side of young love, it manages to stay bright with gritty guitars and a few drops of pop. When the cowbell drops, the band goes into an aggressive yet bubblegum mode of grunge, as Peresphona calls for restraint at the refrain. The muscular Ripped Jeans the nastiest sounding angelic milk track to date. Ripping with feisty guitars that chug in tandem with the boisterous rhythm section, it’s a bit of a warm throwback to the 60’s west coast.

Peresphona has made note of her fascination with western culture and Rebel Black sounds like an ode to its youth decades ago. Working in sounds of Americana, Peresphona paints the confused yet ambitious youth from Jack Kerouac novels or a John Hughes film. The sweet ballad Some Boys Are Beautiful Girls adds a different kind of bite to the record. Digging into patriarchy, Peresphona’s sweet vocal corral booming kicks, scuzzy riffs, and hushed synths that all collate into a serene finish.

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