Andrew Younker is a musician situated in Rochester Hills, Michigan, which lies in the Northern parts of the Motor City. Younker has been making music under his name for the past year and has been uploading a sizeable amount of material since then. His latest record, Microchasm stacks a bit of oomph on top of his silky dream pop. Loaded up on kinetic and veering instrumentation, Younker describes his music as a full-fledged make out sesh with God and his Sims game that we call the Human Experience’.

Like a plunge into ice cold water, Totaled Ambulance is an aggro love-song, surging with tides of longing and woes. An emotional whiplash, Younker veers into dark pop territory running concurrently with pensive feelings. Grayed baritone vocals adhere to the racing jagged beats and pulsating electronics, making it an ideal pairing for a late night drive.

Cereal Pairing: Unfrosted Mini-Wheats