Andrew St. James is the San Francisco singer-songwriter who’s grabbed our attention and held it for quite some time now. Following the release of numerous singles after his last album in 2014, Andrew is back with an anthemic track that couldn’t have come at a better time.

Despite his age, Andrew has had a mature musical journey singing about current events, the political climate, and the injustices most of us choose to ignore because it’s just easier that way. With the way the world has been turning lately however, Andrew is leveraging the power of music to speak up and speak out. His lyrical advocacy is the perfect, poetic platform for his latest track, “What a _World.!__“_ With a vintage voice, that is as timeless as the issues we still face as a society, this track is pertinent in its meaning, and undeniable in its sound. Andrew sings”we gotta get together, and although the country can’t agree on all things, I think we can all agree on the talent present in his music.

We can’t wait for the upcoming new album from one of our favorite, and hope to see him back in NYC soon!

Cereal Pairing:

Rocky Road, just like the one that seems to lay ahead.