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We’re really glad Active Bird Community has given ABC a way better meaning than Already Been Chewed’ gum. Just as addicting though, these four friends have quickly turned into one of our favorite local bands. Carter McNeil, Andrew Wolfson, Tom D’Agustino, and Zach Slater met in middle school, and while the rest of us were just figuring out how a Master Lock works, these dudes were making music. With multiple track releases since 2012, an EP last year, and their most recent album, I’ve Been Going Swimming, dropped just last month, Active Bird Community ’s journey has not gone unnoticed.

While 75% of the band is still in their senior year of college, I think we’re just as anxious as them for music to be their main focus. The 9-track record is the perfect example of questioning the future and doubting your decisions in the post-grad state of limbo. The relatability Active Bird Community provides listeners with stretches way past age, and creates a connection more on fear of the unknown, and ultimately being content with that very fact.

Lead vocalist Tom weighed in,

While the first EP deals with saying goodbye to your hometown life and the relationships that were born there, I’ve Been Going Swimming” deals with the next chapter. Confronting more diverse places and people, different problems and expectations, while maintaining that whatever happens, happens attitude that you can never quite shake. I think that’s what people will relate to the most.


Tom’s explanation of the record is brought to life with lyrics like,  “they call it home because it’s where you’re from //and it sticks in your blood, on Inertia. It becomes obvious throughout the album though, that needing to break free from that stagnant stage of unchanging ways is crucial - whether you know how to or not. I found a plan // because it’s what I want” - and that’s really all that matters.

Feeling like you’re supposed to be growing up, or changing somehow, but you’re still that same kid trying to figure shit out.” 

Aren’t we all? Tracks like Brookfield”, Boy Blowing in the Wind”, and I’ve Been Going Swimming” clearly follows the all too familiar, and seemingly never-ending struggle of finding yourself. Lyrics like Who am I?”, and I’m just a boy blowing in the wind // and I’m all out of answers”, combined with moving harmonies and sparks of angst, creates an undeniable relationship with listeners. ABCs undeniable talent is also apparent in tracks like Mr. Spins” and Pick Me Apart” with sexy falsettos and lovey-dovey lyrics like,”I’ve got one thing on my mind, and it’s you.”

With quick instrumentals, catchy melodies, meaningful lyrics, and vocals that bring it to life, Active Bird Community has definitely created a clear sound for themselves, and we think it’s pretty great.

Catch them on Thursday, December 3rd at Black Bear Bar in Brooklyn - it’s gonna be tight!

Cereal Pairing: Life cereal and PBR for all of you who are now reminiscing on those college days and past ways.