Mush – “Comment Section Creeps”

Mush is a four-piece hailing from Leeds, UK. Following up their 10-minute epic political-centric, “Alternative Facts“, the band is doling out fire on another annoyance of these modern times. Being released as a single for Art is Hard Records, “Comment Section Creeps” is a rebuke to the vile beings that lurk on the World Wide Web.

Weaving to and fro with sloppy riffs and off-kilter rhythms, the band combs through scum and mess that awaits on the comments section of online articles and content (“scrolling down the page is a masochistic waste“). Channeling the infinitely cool emanations of 90’s slacker rock and the frenetic intricacies of 80’s post-punk, Mush gives us a suave critique of humanity’s worst.

The single is out now through Art is Hard Records, with the first fifty copies shipping with a floppy disc with “hidden content”.

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