Harley Alexander – “Staring At Photographs”

harley-alexander-harlandHarley Alexander has been through a lot in the past year, but amidst the series of change and turnover, music has only been the one constant. After a series of missteps and arrival at clarity, Alexander moved across Canada, East to West, from Halifax to Vancouver where he spent a few months as a tree planter. His mini-album Harland (via Sports Day Records) is made up of eight gratifying songs that reflect on the uncertainty and excitement that comes with major life choices.

Staring At Photographs” is a song that looks back at old times while moving towards the future. The track’s clunky melody, imbued with Alexander’s radiance and playfulness, will draw out smiles due¬†to it’s fizzy quirks and ditzy turns.

Harley rolls into town to play the Cake Shop 8/11 for his tour across America.

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