Here’s Andy – “Spreadin’ Thin/I Dunno”

Drew Swiderski is perfecting the lo-fi bedroom sound as Here’s Andy with the pathos of New Paltz. Following his recently released EP, small & scary“, the 19-year-old combines real-life lethargy and dream-like maturity to create a powerful reverb. This same ethos surrounds his latest release, “Spreadin’ Thin” and “I Dunno”. 


“Spreadin’ Thin” sounds like a recollection of a drunken night in the form of a 90s grunge song. The antithesis of consistency and layering creates a perfect anthem to that post-heartbreak epiphany of “I’m moving on and I’m doing fine.”

In that same vein, “I Dunno” continues the progression of both a bass line and a sense of maturity. At 5-minutes, this aggressively convincing track reminds us of what we so often lose in others – “you gotta be your own priority.” The heavy instrumental finish helps to make “another new day that feels exactly the same” just a little less shitty.

Swiderski says,

“These songs are about moving on with your life in a drunken/high haze, and focusing on bettering yourself, despite how fucked up and stupid you are.”

Cereal Pairing:
Good ol’ steel cut oats, for that good ol’ college lifestyle.