Haunt – “Crave”

haunt-crushFriends since their teenage years, Victor Pakpour and Wyatt Ininns stated making music together sometime in 2014, which eventually led to the formation of Haunt. The Los Angeles based duo released two EPs last year and are readying the release of their third, Crush, for next month via Track and Field Records.

From what we’ve heard so far with their previous single “Perfume,” the duo’s sound is headed in a denser direction, gradually dropping the dance synth-wave, that drove much of their songs to date. Falling somewhere between dark wave and its chillier sister-genre, “Crave” delicately haunts with rosy feelings of finality through atmospheric organs. If later day Joy Division co-existed with the Lost In Translation soundtrack during the same timeline, the two would find each other somehow and “Crave” would have been the product.

Crush is available for pre-order now on cassette (with extras) from Track and Field Records.

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