Salt People – “Volume Control”

salt peopleSalt People is an eight-member collective from Brooklyn, NY, with members that have a penchant for disruptive jazz.

Volume Control” is a rambunctious cut from their latest record When Jazz Becomes The Agent Of The Bourgeoisie. Unassuming during its first few seconds, the track starts off with sort of a call and response between drums and the band’s lead vocalist Nad├Ęge Giraudet.

Ghastly shrieks mark the start of the discordant barrages of soaring brass, ecstatic guitars, which Hollier tries to quell to no avail. Midst the swelling hysterics, Hollier breaks the fourth wall as she endearingly berates her band members for being too loud, making references to the “quiet” parts in yoga that’s reserved for moments of clarity.