Henry Demos – Year of Song

There’s a lot of reasons why we admire Mark Lentz, but his latest project takes the cake. When Lentz isn’t the being the other half Nice Legs, he produces material under his pseudonym Henry Demos.

The interwebs is littered with various “one a day” projects, but a writing song a day is an ambitious order. Simply called “Year of Song” Demos has taken on the tall task of pushing out a new song for each of the 366 days that make up 2016. While he’s only been 4 of 5 so far (at the time of writing), the quantity and the hurried nature in composing these tracks shouldn’t discount their quality.

The endeavor’s inaugural track “Just Don’t” is a jaunty groove with radiant synth chimes that will elicit movement in listeners. A song that would definitely be enjoyed best with a set of headphones, it’s the little things like the faint talk-box-like that make you want set the track to repeat.

The second track, “Well, Darn” is quiet and quaint, an anomaly for a Demos song. Swirling with heavy haze, the slow crawling track dabs back and forth with cosmic melancholy.

Day three brings the new wave speedster “Know Me” which features a walloping lead bass that slices through looming atmospherics. Between the hyper guitars and rim shots, the track has krautrock-feel to it that adds hypnotic qualities to it. The frazzled “Hey Daniel” is a whimsical one minute trip that has all the quirky fixins of the typical R. Stevie Moore composition.

While it’s a crazy task to come up with a new song every day, we’d certainly be glad if we get 3 songs per week. In addition to the Year of Song project, Demos is hard at work with Lewtrakimou on the upcoming Nice Legs record.