Andrew St. James – “Drowning River Blues”

Article-4625381-andrewstjamesIn the past month, Andrew St. James has been churning out loads of new musicand it should definitely not go unnoticed. The San Francisco singer-songwriter has been praised for singing about shit that matters, with a voice that’ll make you listen.

interviewed James almost a year ago on his last album, The Shakesand those words have yet to waver. Over the past couple of months, Andrew has released tracks like I’ll See You Next Week“, “Sway“, “Millennial Malaise“, andDangerous Love“. Equally addicting, but incomparably unique, each song holds such a weight, it’s somewhat impossible to imagine the combined effect an upcoming album will have.

Despite the sleu of options James has given us, “Drowning River Blues” spoke to us a little more. The unexpected degree of haunting vocals, undertones of southern gothic, a hint of celtic charm, and the heaviness of lyrics like,“I swear tonight, they’re gonna kill me//I’m gonna die alone”, James paints a nightmare of a picture – in the best way possible.


We’re stoked to be seeing Andrew back in NYC this month, so come swoon with us.



Cereal Pairing:
Count Chocula, for that scarily haunting thing.