[PREMIERE] The Skates – “The Skates”

the skatesWith a gazillion projects between them, The Skates is a venture between friends. Going Green, Mosey Jones, Vagabon, Mr. Big Deal, The Loneliers, MUM, and Blame Mercury are just some of the projects that members have had a hand in. The idea of the Skates was born from jam sessions, demos and antics but the direction of the project became more and more apparent as the members worked with each other on other musical projects together. Based in South-Brooklyn, the band features Albert “Albreezy” on bass, Eamon and Frisco switching between drums and lead guitar, with the band’s songwriting revolving around Caitlin or “C808.”

“Largely recorded in one day,” their self-titled debut is a commingling of their musical preferences, stylings and personalities. There isn’t a particular genre that dominates the EP as influences of 60’s doo-wop , indie, and ska, though we probably missed a few influences. The jangly “Stop” and “Show and Tell,”  were destined to be played on the nearby Coney Island boardwalk while opener “July” is a melancholic ode to fleeting summertime follies. From the bustling ska on “Runnin Stunnin” and “Suzie Q,” to the tongue-in-cheek “Sheepshead Bae,” their debut feels natural, something a group of friends wanted to make for a long time, which is what music should be about in the first place.

Here’s what the band had to say about the project:

The Skates is a 60s rock grunge band from Brooklyn, NY. Born from the co-members of three other bands, this grouping sees the songwriting style of Caitlin “C808”. The band features Albert “Albeezy” bringing his usual bouncing basslines, and Frisco and Eamon switching between drums and lead guitar per song, adding their own flavors to each track. Largely recorded in one day, their debut self-titled EP was somewhat of a passion project that slowly became a sturdy band.

The band is playing a record release party at The Way Station in Brooklyn tonight (November 6th) to celebrate the EP’s release.