Sea Ghost – “SG”

We’re really hoping Georgie boys Sea Ghost can give up Waffle House for a bit and head to New York so we can bask in their greatness. Following some sweet single and an awesome EP, Sea Ghost’s debut album comes as nothing short of incredibly addicting.

With every track being so effortlessly enchanting and somehow seductive, the 9-song album happens in a blink of an eye…so you choose to blink a couple of more times. “Cowboy Hat” perfectly sets the scene for the next 37 minutes of raw, unadulterated talent. While “Dog 69”, “BBQ”, and “Lakes” hold a certain magical melody to them, tracks like “Blood”, “Lalala”, “Cave Song”, and “Goldfish” are heavier in sound, but equal in emotional weight.

Sea Ghost has the undeniable combination of pure lyrics, haunting vocals, and infectious instrumentals that will immediately make you a fan. This is one ghost you won’t mind being haunted by, so start listening.

Cocoa Puffs + PBR…because that sounds as great as Sea Ghost does!