Hot Glew – “Contact High”

hot glewNashville, TN native, Brent Keller, puts music out through his experimental solo-project, Hot Glew. Following up his debut, May I Come In?, Contact High is made up of four tracks that adds the wonky elements of psych to the reserved nature of bedroom music recordings. The minimal title track’s unfettered rhythm drops in sporadic brassy percussives on unleveled timing, with the occasional indistinct vox from Keller. “Float” and “Away” are in ways sister tracks, both giving the impression they are infinitely expanding with quietly drifting electronics, keeping pace with dissonant pianos and drums. The buzzy “Enemies,” the most accessible of the four tracks is far from being defined as “pop” by most, but the mellow synth warbles and wistful guitar are “pop” to us.