Captain Samurai – “Tired”

captain samurai tiredThe Phoenix, Arizona-based band, Captain Samurai, are readying their debut album Hey Thanks Goodbye with (our favorite) 80N7 Records. Last year, the three-piece released their disheveled EP, Nothing Part Zero, noted for its fuzzy mercurial pop tunes. Their new single, “Tired,” is a shift in territory for the band, where they’re sounding more Dinosaur Jr. than Half Japanese. Starting slowly with tingling arpeggiated guitars, tight drumming, and nagging low-end, vocalist Amador Diaz is singing through clenched teeth and showing restraint, even through lines like “it doesn’t get better, at least with me.” It’s a breezy build up to the crushing refrain where Diaz finally gets to release his angst through growls and pounding instrumentals. Between the sparkling verse and the raging chorus, I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of this.