Top EPs of 2014

Catfish and the Bottlemen – Kathleen and the Other Three

With their all black attire, ripped jeans, leather jackets, and unruly hair, Welsh band Catfish and the Bottlemen have hit the scene in true rock fashion. The young quartet released their third EP this past year in lieu of their debut album, The Balcony. Despite the early release in the UK, the full-length album will be released on January 6th in the U.S. , with pre-order bundles available now. The four songs from the EP will be included, as well as their latest single, “Cocoon”.  Don’t sleep on this band’s truthful lyrics, addictive guitar riffs, and natural head-banging melodies -especially while they’re on their North American tour starting in February.

The Family Rain – Hunger Sauce

This English trio of brothers, in which the band name insinuates, self released their second EP Hunger Sauce this past summer following the release of their debut album, Under the Volcano. With a Monkees-esque beach blanket bingo sound, The Family Rain combines old school blues with new school rock to create short, yet hypnotizing tracks. Although the band has played only one show a month during the latter part of the year around the UK, there have yet to be any announcements for an upcoming full-length album – but here’s to hoping!

Circa Waves – Young Chasers

Forming only just last year, this British rock band is quickly making a name for themselves. Their first EP, which dropped this past summer, shares the same title with their debut album, Young Chasers, set to be released on March 30th. The band recently released a video for their new single “Fossils,” and the combination of their honest lyrics and real-time video helps depict a youthful, carefree, and raw image. Circa Waves have just started out, but have only just begun.

Dreamers – E.P.

Brooklyn based trio Dreamers released their self-titled debut EP just last month, and the trance-inducing effect of those four songs is truly stellar. Dreamers’ truthful lyrics, animated visual aesthetic, and transcendent energy take all of us dreamers into a creative vortex that many bands lack today. Formed after the dissolution of former band Motive, the members have seen great success with their addicting single “Wolves.” Their debut album, This Album Does Not Exist, will actually exist, and will be released some time in 2015.

Panama – Always

To rattle up all the rock on this list, Panama provides an electronic, haunting sound with the release of their second EP, Always. These Aussies gave us four tracks to dance to in the hopes of a full-length album in the future, despite the lack of news for one. With synthesizers and saxophones, Panama’s music takes you to a place, well, as far as Panama.

Hayden Clanin – Oh, Hunter

Keeping to the off-beaten rock path, Hayden Clanin perfectly infuses his folk roots with an electronic sound in his second EP, Oh, Hunter. Chock full of musical and lyrical genius, it’s easy to assume that this Aussie is cut from the same cloth as, dare I say, Bon Iver. Not to take away from his own unique sound however, Hayden completely enchants listeners with all five songs on the EP.

Nick Hakim – Where Will We Go, Pt. 1 & 2

If you were to look up Nick Hakim in the cyber world, you wouldn’t find much. However, the majority of your discoveries would revolve around the incomparable sound of his soulful songs and haunting melodies. With the release of two separate EP’s, and nine songs between them, both parts are equally as impressive, mesmerizing, and captivating. Drawing from the roots of r&b and blues, Nick Hakim creates music that is raw and emotive, with no faults to be found. Don’t miss the chance to witness the greatness of it during Hakim’s residency at the Mercury Lounge throughout January.

Novo Amor – Woodgate, NY

Ali Lacey has, without fail, released beautiful singles and EP’s for several years now. As Novo Amor, the British songwriter’s four track EP, Woodgate, NY, is a hypnotizing, magical body of songs that can cradle you into a calm and silence only music can provide you with. With the recent release of his new single “Callow,” it’s evident to see that Lacey’s music is anything but. Mature, sophisticated, and moving, we can only hope for more releases from Novo Amor in the new year.

D.D Dumbo – Tropical Oceans

With rhythmic progressions that hypnotize and a single voice that has an astonishing amount of power, Oliver Hugh Perry has released his debut EP, Tropical Oceans, as D.D Dumbo. The Australian native’s unique sound creates a sort of chilled-out, yet exotic vibe throughout the four tracks. His fall tour that hit Europe, the UK, the U.S., and Canada in just  matter of weeks, is now wrapping up back in Australia.

Son Little – Things I Forgot

Aaron Earl Livingston, aka Son Little, is most definitely the crooner of our generation. With a voice so smooth and so powerful, it’s impossible to overlook such a talent. Son Little invades a space in the music industry that artists should aspire to reach. His combination of blues, jazz, r&b, gospel, folk, and rock is balanced so perfectly in his eclectic six track EP, Things I Forgot. This Philly songwriter bears his soul in his music, and is surely an experience you’ll want to be a part of.